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what is a faang

Meta owns two of the world’s largest and most engaging social media apps (Facebook and Instagram) and two of the biggest messaging apps (WhatsApp and Messenger). It makes money by displaying ads to users while they browse photo and video avatrade review feeds. Meta is investing heavily in virtual reality (VR) technology, led by its Quest headset. Here, you’ll make a profit if the company’s share price goes up and you sell your shares for a higher price than you bought them for.

In June 2023, Apple had a total market capitalization of $2.85 trillion, making it the largest FAANG stock on our list. If you decide not to own individual shares of the companies, you can get exposure to them through a number of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. Any index fund that tracks the S&P 500 Index or broader stock market most likely has holdings in FAANG stocks.

That revenue mix, however, is changing fast as the biggest FAANG stock by market cap tries to sell more of its services which offer higher margins. The origin of the acronym has been attributed to Jim Cramer, the financial TV host and co-founder of The Street.com. Known for his slangy abbreviations and catchy phrases, Cramer coined the term in 2013 to represent four tech stocks with outsized market appreciation. Cramer believed that these companies belonged together because they are all high-growth stocks that share the common threads of digitization and the web. Meta has shifted its focus largely to building the «metaverse,» a virtual shared space that aims to provide immersive and interactive experiences. The company envisions a future where people can work, play and connect in this digital realm.

what is a faang

It’s an acronym that stands for five big companies — some might say the big companies — in the high-tech industry. Going beyond «What are the five FAANG stocks?» FAANG stocks operate in highly competitive market segments, meaning they must constantly stay innovative to retain market share. FAANG stocks like Meta Platforms have also been the subject of regulatory lawsuits, with data collection and privacy concerns at the forefront of legislature issues. Index composition isn’t the only factor that makes FAANG companies important to the overall economy.

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Each of the FAANG stocks trades on the Nasdaq exchange and is included in the S&P 500 Index. Since the S&P 500 is a broad representation of the market, the movement of the market mirrors the index’s movement. As of August 2021, the FAANGs make up about 19% of the S&P 500—a staggering figure considering the S&P 500 is generally viewed as a proxy for the United States economy as a whole.

what is a faang

Google generated $280 billion in revenues and nearly $60 billion in net income. Buoyed by these earnings, Netflix’s stock rose by 26.8% in the past five years, while Google’s rose by about 113.2% over the same timeframe. That extraordinary power of FAANG stocks means that you are better off by buying some of the top FAANG names to improve your returns. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided the recent manifestation of the leadership of the FAANG when these companies fueled the S&P 500’s fastest recovery from a bear market in decades.

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Investing in big tech stocks isn’t always easy because the shares aren’t cheap. The lowest-priced member of the FAANG/FAAMG group, Alphabet, was trading at nearly $100 per share at the time of writing. The five MAMAA stocks have a combined market cap of more than $6.6 trillion. As of September 2022, the S&P 500’s total market cap was about $30.1 trillion, meaning these five stocks alone accounted for nearly 22% of the entire index’s weighting. In 2022, Alphabet holds a dominant share of the online advertising market, but the growth segments that attracted investors for so many years have started to slow.

  1. FAANG stocks were meant to describe hot, new high-growth tech companies of the 2010s.
  2. This data-driven approach has transformed how businesses understand and engage with their customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and more effective marketing strategies.
  3. It was also the first US company in history to reach a market cap of $1 trillion (in 2018).
  4. Broadcom itself is also considered a leader in networking and server connectivity solutions for the data center.

Four of the five companies in the FAANG group have all been public for 15+ years, but this type of market environment is unique for all of them. This group of stocks never traded during a period of high inflation mercatox exchange reviews and rising interest rates. Matching the gains produced through the pandemic period will be difficult and these stocks could underperform the market if inflation and high rates prove stickier than anticipated.

In June 2021, Microsoft took its place in the history books as it became the second US public company to reach a $2 trillion market value. That milestone was reached on the strength of its cloud computing unit and enterprise software that are expected to drive long-term growth for both earnings and revenue. Meta is the largest social media company in the world, operating four of the five most widely used social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. The main attraction of buying FAANG stocks is their immense growth potential and their dominance in their respective markets. These characteristics have made these companies cash machines that never stop. Apple’s stock-market value briefly rose above $3 trillion in January 2022, making it the biggest listed company in the world.

FAANG Stocks

The company originally expected the GPU to pull in $2 billion worth of sales in 2024, but it raised that number to $3.5 billion, much to the delight of investors. Some of the world’s largest data center operators, companies like Meta Platforms, Microsoft, and Oracle, are also racing to get their hands on MI300 chips. They have relied almost entirely on Nvidia up until now, but supply constraints are pushing them to look for viable alternatives, and AMD is ready. The MI300A will power the El Capitan supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and it’s expected to be the most powerful in the world when it comes online later this year. Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook until its rebranding in October 2021,[73] is the parent company of the Facebook social network, the Instagram image sharing service, and the WhatsApp messaging service.

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Based on Broadcom’s $42.25 in non-GAAP (adjusted) earnings per share in fiscal 2023 and its current stock price of $1,226.55, it trades at a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 29.1. That’s a 9% discount to the 32.1 P/E of the Nasdaq-100 index, which implies Broadcom is still cheap relative to its peers in the tech sector. Each company has a hand in developing the hardware and software necessary to bring AI to life. «Nvidia is a lot more than just the chips that we look at and more than the data center or gaming,» Wang said.

You can also receive dividends if the company pays them, and you’ll have voting rights. If the share price falls in value and you sell at this price, you’ll make a loss. However, unlike with trading, your risk of loss is capped to the amount you bought the stocks for. It was coined by influential trader Bob Lang on his trading show The Street in 2013 to describe the hottest upcoming, high growth US tech companies of the time.

Traditionally, the Apple share price has been affected by the sales of its popular iPhone, which first launched in 2007. However, for some years now, investors have been concerned that iPhone oanda reviews sales will decrease as the smartphone market becomes more saturated. As a result, Apple has started focusing more heavily on services such as streaming channels and gaming as growth drivers.

«Microsoft has more than just business-to-business and consumer – they’ve been able to manage both,» he said. «They’re positioned well for the metaverse. They’re positioned well for the cloud and, of course, they’ve got their gaming business.» Netflix and Google have also shown strong TTM performance, with Netflix posting revenues of over $31.6 billion and a net income of $4.5 billion.


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