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What Is Splunk & What Does It Do? A Splunk Intro

what is splunk app

Importantly, the coolest part about our company is probably the global community of people who use and rely on Splunk offerings in their own workplaces. A culture of inclusion not only makes Splunk a great place to work, but it also drives the success of our business. Splunk is growing rapidly worldwide — join us as we build a safer and more resilient digital world. Different success plans and support programs provide the assistance you need to accelerate the value you can capture with Splunk. All the benefits of Splunk, deployed and managed in a secure, reliable and scalable service. Take it for a spin with our free 14-day Splunk Cloud Platform Trial and get up-and-running in as little as two days.

Search regardless of where your data lives and share results with visualizations suited for any audience, from engineers to executives. Maintain high IT service uptime while improving efficiency and reducing alert storms. With Splunk Observability, one engineer can confidently solve problems across their entire system. Stay agile and flexible so you can drive high performance and excel in the cloud.

  1. Easily communicate even your most complex data stories using our intuitive dashboard-building experience.
  2. As the Hadoop framework ages, it can be time-consuming or even impossible for enterprises to extract the necessary insights from this program.
  3. It also helps reveal more detailed insights by consolidating data from all sources.
  4. Today, many of the world’s largest and most complex organizations rely on Splunk to keep their mission-critical systems secure and reliable.
  5. Splunk experts manage your IT backend so you can focus on acting on your data, while our platform scales to your analytics needs.

The Splunk virtual index separates data storage, making analysis and dashboard creation simpler. Like Splunk’s cloud platform, Splunk Hunk handles unstructured data without manual formatting, which is valuable for Hadoop users dealing with a lot of raw data. Access the latest streaming and machine learning capabilities.

The Purple Team: Combining Red & Blue Teaming for Cybersecurity

Industry-defining SIEM to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to threats. Collect, process and distribute data to Splunk and other destinations in milliseconds with real-time stream processing. Get a unified tool with cutting-edge capabilities to easily tackle any of your evolving use cases.

Meet with local Splunk users — find a user group in your area. Easily aggregate, analyze and get answers from your data with Splunk Enterprise. Road test it with our free 60-day Splunk trial — if you like the ride, it’s easy to transition to a production deployment. Try Splunk Cloud Platform free for 14 days and start gathering insights today. Interact and collaborate from anywhere with mobile, TV and augmented reality capabilities. See why the world’s leading organizations rely on Splunk.

what is splunk app

Work with people you like while building, selling and supporting products people love. Splunk was founded in 2003 to solve problems in complex digital infrastructures. From the beginning, we’ve helped organizations explore the vast depths of their data like spelunkers in a cave (hence, “Splunk»).

We also support ongoing data innovation with Splunk Ventures. We are dedicating $150 million to invest in early-stage orgs that aim to have a positive impact on society while expanding and enhancing digital resilience. Splunk is growing rapidly worldwide — we’re hiring self-starters who want to help top companies solve huge challenges by turning data into answers.

Powerful, integrated streaming, search and machine learning

Get up to speed with training and education for novices up to expert level. Whether you’re into the cloud or an app developer, find the learning path that’s best for you. Did you know we offer Splunk essentials training for FREE?

Our purpose is to build a safer and more resilient digital world. Every day, we live this purpose by helping security, IT and DevOps teams keep their organizations securely up and running. When organizations have resilient digital systems, they can adapt, innovate and deliver for their customers.

Move at warp speed with the visibility and insights you need to stay secure, compliant and reliable. Collect, process and distribute data to Splunk and other destinations in milliseconds with real-time streaming. Take smarter action with artificial intelligence tools and customizable solutions embedded across the entire Splunk portfolio. A whole bunch of world-class companies use Splunk technologies. Cal Poly is training future cybersecurity leaders, McLaren drives data on the racetrack and Heineken pours data-driven quality into everything they do. Earning a Splunk certification can open doors and help you succeed in a highly competitive job market.

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Access and search data from any source and across any device. Chrissy Kidd is a technology writer, editor and speaker. Part of Splunk’s growth marketing team, Chrissy translates technical concepts to a broad audience. She’s particularly interested in the ways technology intersects https://www.wallstreetacademy.net/ with our daily lives. Download this e-book to learn about the role of Digital Resilience across enterprises. Splunk is not a single product or service, but our company name, our dedication to our customers and our singular focus on helping you do what you do better.

Fast, flexible and scalable service excellence

Smart devices, for example, generate machine data, which is ​challenging​ to decipher because ​it’s not formatted​ ​and there’s simply so much of it​. That’s why we use big data analytics tools like Splunk that make it easier to find variations and patterns in data. Accelerate digital resilience with AI that is designed to keep humans in the loop and improve detection, investigation and response. Splunk can collect data from a range of sources, allowing you to analyze the results of all your efforts in one place.

Brief history of Splunk

Splunk is great for companies using Hadoop to track and store machine data. As the Hadoop framework ages, it can be time-consuming or even impossible for enterprises to extract the necessary insights from this program. Splunk Hunk integrates with Hadoop to make visualizations that are traditionally not possible with Hadoop-based datasets.

Splunk enables and empowers people and organizations across all sectors with the ability to discover and use their data to generate positive impact. Splunk has evolved a lot in the last 20 years as digital has taken center stage and the types and number of disruptions have simultaneously escalated. With over 1,100 patents and a culture of innovation, we’ve stayed one step ahead of our customers’ needs.

Supported by an enterprise-class platform that enables shared data, context and workflows. Splunk AI capabilities unlock more informed insights, and make human decision-making and threat response faster. Use our free machine learning apps — Splunk AI Assistant, Anomaly Detection Assistant, Deep Learning and Data Science App and the Machine Learning Toolkit. Plus, enjoy machine learning embedded throughout our products, including Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) to Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) and many more. ​​S​everal big name ​companies​ on the Fortune 100 list​ use Splunk​, including ​organizations​ in finance, healthcare, social media, and retail sales. Splunk’s real-world applications show how you can use data to power insights that impact people’s lives.


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